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With our Voice in the Cloud service, your company will be able to offer Toll Free numbers and DIDs for Inbound and Outbound via PSTN, through a single SIP Trunk connection, with the flexibility of IP telephony. Furthermore, our multiple country billing options will optimize your DIDs/Toll Free offering.

Voice in the Cloud is designed to help your customers to strengthen their business,
improving telephony operations in multiple ways



Simple and secure messaging  

Exchange P2P messages worldwide without the need for bilateral agreements. 

Global coverage

Leverage our experience of managing international agreements, >1200 destinations.

Reduce complexity

Manage all aspects of solution through one single connection and one contract.

Quality and service

High availability, fast deployment, complete interoperability, real-time monitoring.

Cost effective

Minimise investment, lower operating costs and increase revenues



Largest in South America

International network

A world leading tier 1 global network built around your business

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Our wholesale unit provides services to fixed and mobile operators, service providers, wholesale carriers and OTT-Media companies, including Voice, Data, Security, Mobile, Satellite, Digital solutions and Platforms.

With our IP Tier-1 Backbone and extensive fibre optic international network, state-of-the-art technology and hundreds of international points of presence (PoPs) we provide direct connectivity between Europe, the USA, Latin America and Asia. 

Our ‘Telco4Telco’ approach for wholesale customers offers a wide range of professional services and a suite of digital services such as Security, Cloud, Big Data and IoT to enable operators to capture the commercial opportunities this represents.



Partnering is an important aspect of delivering a global solution and we are committed to establishing the best relationships on behalf of our existing and future customers - right across the world.

Our intention is always to collaborate with leading companies that prove to be a good strategic fit, have strong customer focus and operate in markets that are key to our customers. And through these relationships we can offer our services beyond the countries where we have full network operations.


Business Solutions


Our dedicated business unit which manages globally the Enterprise (Large Enterprise and SME), MNC (Multinational Corporations), Wholesale (fixed and mobile carriers, ISPs and content providers) and Roaming businesses within the 4Gglobenet Group.

Business Solutions develops an integrated, innovative and competitive portfolio for the B2B segment including digital solutions (Cloud and Security) and telecommunication services (international voice, IP, bandwidth capacity, satellite services, mobility, integrated fixed, mobile, IT services and global solutions).

We empower our customers with everything they need to succeed by unlocking the infinite possibilities of technology.


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